EXCEPTIONAL COLOURING - from creative to subtle colouring by knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic colourists who will listen to your requirements then suggest and explain, if necessary, the different colouring options to best achieve your colour choice. Highlighting, low lighting, tinting, ½ head, full head, permanent colour, semi permanent colour, weaving, flashing glossing etc.

PRECISION HAIRCUTTING – using a variety of the different techniques available to best achieve your look. Whether you request a restyle of continuous maintenance to your regular style.

BLOWDRYING – everything from big hair to soft curls.


PERMING – using highest quality perming lotions to ensure soft or firm curls keeping your hair in the best possible condition.

SETTING – using rollers with a non-sticky setting lotion if required.

WEDDING HAIR - trust us to have you, your Bridesmaids and your Grooms hair looking stunning on your big day.

HAIR UP – if you are going to a Wedding, May Ball or going out for that special evening our stylists have lots of ideas to choose from – anything from French Pleats to Fish Tail Plaits.